About me Nathan has 10 years experience in marketing and sales roles both on the agency side and client side.   He has consulted for a number of B2B businesses. These businesses generally sell a complicated product, have long sales cycles […]

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Regardless of product set, persona or industry I use a 5 step methodology to predictably generate opportunities for all my clients.   Step 1 – Research The first steps is to understand who the target audience is and what their business […]

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B2B technology marketing consultant

I work with B2B technology businesses who tend to struggle in the following areas:


  1. An inability to get and keep the attention of their target audience 

  2. An inability to generate the number or quality of leads needed for the sales team

  3. An inability to generate marketing ROI or measure marketing ROI


I help businesses build ‘content brands’. 


A content brand is created when a business decides what kind of content producer they want to be. Will you be the content producer that creates the same dry webinars and white papers or will you be different?


Why create a content brand?


  1. Competitor differentiation

  2. Stop wasting time and money on the wrong marketing activity  

  3. Grow your business in line with revenue projections

  4. Prospects and customers stop ignoring your communications.


Which means you stop turning out masses of content to fuel the engine and just focus on the high impact content that makes a difference. 


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