Regardless of product set, persona or industry I use a 5 step methodology to predictably generate opportunities for all my clients.


Step 1 – Research

The first steps is to understand who the target audience is and what their business and personal pains are.

To do this we conduct primary and secondary research. This involves speaking to both prospects and customers to understand their challenges from their point of view.

I conduct desk based research to understand how we can improve our understanding of their world and present a research planning document which outlines the results and assumptions of the target audience.


This research is reviewed and signed off by the client before we go to the next stage of creating a marketing plan.


Step 2 – Plan

Based on the research at step 1 we will use a combination of the 12 pillars of marketing to create a plan of action for how we intend to target our ideal clients. Review the 12 marketing pillars here


Step 3 – Create

Once the plan is signed off we go into deliver phase where we create all the assets needed to deliver on the plan. This could be a combination of on or offline content and assets as defined by the research conducted at step 1.


Step 4 – Distribution

Once we have the content we use a number of channels to distribute it to make sure we are getting in front of the right people at the right time. Some channels include, email, social, paid, retargeting, offline events, display advertising. The choice of channel will be informed from the research stage.


Step 5 – Measurement

Once we have distributed our communications we must measure the effectiveness of our strategy so we can go back to the beginning and repeat the process.


This is an always on continuous improvement process that uses data to measure marketing effectiveness so we can continuously improve what we do.